Nano Carbon Race 100 UHM Ski Poles


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    Racers who want to perform at their highest level choose the new Nano Carbon Race 100 UHM ski pole. This pole's 100% Ultra High Modulus Carbon shaft delivers an unbeatable stiffness-to-weight ratio, and the heat-moldable Contour Champion Strap will fit any hand shape. The SuperGrip palm works with non-stretch construction and Velcro closure to hold your hand in place all race, so you can adjust your Contour Champion Straps on the start line and not have to touch them until you take them off to mount the podium!

    Ski Pole Shaft

    100% Ultra High Modulus Carbon

    Ski Pole Basket

    10mm UHM

    Ski Pole Strap

    Contour Champion

    Ski Pole Handle

    Cork Race

    Ski Pole Length

    135-175 cm/2.5 cm