Headed to Vasaloppet?

February 20, 2024

We’d love to meet you! Check out where you can find us before, during and after the Vasaloppet winter week festival. 

Madshus, as the official Vasaloppet equipment supplier for skis and boots, will be widely present and available to support all racers and participants before, during and after Vasaloppet and during the Vasaloppet winter week festival. You’ll find Madshus representatives in various locations both at the expo in Mora and at the start of the race in Sälen, as well as all along the course. 

“We are supporting two Stadium mobile shops and also local shops in Mora like Johns Sport and Vasasvahn. We will also be at the Madshus booth within the Vasaloppet Expo in Mora. We will also do some service along the racecourses and some tests in the area with shops,” says John Vikman, head of Sportwin in Sweden.

“With this year’s race being the 100th Vasaloppet, we have made a unique 100-loppet Madshus ski in cooperation with Vasaloppet. This ski is a very limited production, with only a few pairs made. So definitely come and check it out!”

Looking for some last-minute tips on equipment? We have you covered: Gearing up for Vasaloppet 

Photo by: Nordic Focus

Madshus schedule at the Vasaloppet Expo in Mora:
Thursday, February 22nd: 12-8pm
Friday, February 23rd: 10am-8pm Race: Vasaloppet 30
Saturday, February 24th: 10am-8pm Race: Tjejvasan
Sunday, February 25th: 10am-8pm Race: Öppet Spår, Ungdomsvasan
Monday, February 26th: 11am-8pm Race: Öppet Spår
Tuesday, February 27th: 11am-6pm Race: Vasaloppet 45
Wednesday, February 28th: CLOSED
Thursday, February 29th: 12-8pm 
Friday, March 1st: 10am-8pm Race: Stafettvasan, Nattvasan 90 and Nattvasan 45
Saturday, March 2nd: 9am-7pm Race: Vasaloppet 10
Sunday, March 3rd: 11am-6pm Race: Vasaloppet

Service with skis and boots at all the official controls/food stations along the course during all the races

Tests during the Vasaloppet week (preliminary, could be more and subject to last-minute changes)

Friday, February 23rd: 10am-1pm Test in Orsa Grönklitt (with Sportshopen)

Friday, February 23rd: 10am-1pm Test at Idre Fjäll (with Mountain Sports)

Thursday, February 29th: 9am-1pm Test at Moraparken Vasaloppet area (plus SkateX and BOA® 2 for shops)

Friday, March 1st: 10am-1pm Test at Högfjället Sälen with Dalskidan

Looking forward to seeing you at the races! Until then: Eat, sleep and get ready!