Here’s to the future: Edvin Anger

March 28, 2022

Turbo junior Edvin Anger snags not one but two gold medals at the Swedish senior national championships.

The World Cup is over, but Madshus skiers continue to ride their peak and pull off another rock n’ roll weekend at the races.

On Saturday, turbo junior Edvin Anger parks the World Cup crew and takes home the gold medal in the sprint at the Swedish national championships.

On Sunday, the 19-year-old follows suit, anchoring his club team to gold in the relay.

“It was a brutal fight up the last hill, but I know I have a good sprint finish so I was relying on that for the final stretch,” Anger says to reporters after the relay victory.

“I was inanely tired, I don’t think I have ever been so spent before,” the junior adds.

In the Ski Classics long-distance series, Astrid Øyre Slind (NOR) wins Årefjällsloppet by more than four minutes, her third consecutive Ski Classics victory. Runar Skaug Mathiesen (NOR) is second among the men in the brutal event in Sweden.

Next up in the Ski Classics is the 50-kilometer Reistadløpet in Bardufoss (NOR) on April 2.


Photo by: Adam Johansson