IBU World Championships on the dock: “The crowds will be the X-factor”

January 26, 2024

The 2024 IBU World Championships are coming up: Here’s all you need to know and who to watch.

The 2024 IBU World Championships take place in Nove Mesto (CZE) from February 7th to the 19th. What’s happening when, what are the courses like, and who to watch? We have you covered. 

See the full day-to-day schedule at the bottom of the story

Madshus racers are gearing up for the 2024 IBU World Championships. Among them is Endre Strømsheim (NOR), who just earned his first individual World Cup victory by winning the pursuit in Oberhof, Germany on January 6th in a spectacular way. 

The 26-year-old is headed for his second IBU World Championships but has raced at the Nove Mesto venue several times already.

“I’m super excited for the World Championships. Nove Mesto is one of the most spectacular biathlon venues on the World Cup circuit, with one of with the biggest and loudest crowds,” Strømsheim says. “The courses in Nove Mesto are hard, fair and the conditions are usually really nice. The biggest X-factor will be the crowds,” says Strømsheim, adding that he loves the electric atmosphere. 

Photo by: Nordic Focus

What type of athletes have an advantage on the Nove Mesto courses?
“The courses start with a nice, and not too brutal, stretch leading out of the stadium while most of the climbing happens in the middle part of the courses. That favors racers who have both capacity as well as speed and punch, or lungs and legs, if you will, and that suits me really well,” Strømsheim says with a grin. 

Who are the key racers to watch?
“Myself, of course. But really, there are lots of racers who can do well in Nove Mesto, and everyone plans their season to be peaking both physically and mentally at the World Championships, so it’s actually really open. That’s one thing I really like,” says Strømsheim, and continues: 

“I think Sturla Holm Lægreid (NOR) will be tough to beat, as will Benedikt Doll (GER). Doll has been amazing especially in the sprints this season and is always solid in the relays. Then there are of course the usual suspects: Johannes Thingnes Bø (NOR) is homing in his peak, and his brother Tarjei Bø is a true championship animal. He always delivers when it matters. So does teammate Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen (NOR). We’ve also seen some of the French racers pick up their game lately, and you should never forget the home turf advantage, so there might be some Czech racers who pull off amazing races here.”

Photo by: Nordic Focus

2024 IBU World Championships 
Who: National team racers
What: IBU World Championships
Where: Nove Mesto (CZE)
When: February 7th-19th, 2024

Day-to-Day Schedule (all times are CET)
Wednesday, February 7th
5:20pm: Mixed relay (men + women)

Friday, February 9th
5:20pm: Sprint 7.5km, women

Saturday, February 10th
5:05pm: Sprint 10km, men

Sunday, February 11th
2:30pm: Pursuit 10km, women
5:05pm: Pursuit 12.5km, men

Tuesday, February 13th
5:10pm: Individual 15km, women

Wednesday, February 14th
5:20: Individual 20km, men

Thursday, February 15th
6pm: Single mixed relay (men + women)

Saturday, February 18th
1:45pm: Relay 4x6km, women
4:30pm: Relay 4x7.5km, men

Sunday, February 19th
2:15pm: Mass start 12.5km, women
4:30pm: Mass start 15km, men

Photo by: Nordic Focus