Storing skis for summer

May 20, 2022

Putting your equipment away for the season? Cleaning, waxing and storing your skis properly is easy, but makes a huge difference.

Take a few minutes to clean and glide wax your skis before putting them away for the season. Cleaning, waxing and storing your skis properly is easy and takes only a few minutes, but makes a huge difference.

Storing the skis with a layer of glide wax protects the bases from scratches and damage during storage. The wax layer also prevents the bases from drying out, making sure your skis are lightning-fast next winter as well.

Plus, it’s much more enjoyable to pull out clean skis that are ready to roll when the snow flies again in the fall. Just scrape, brush and go ski!

The basic principle for summer care is the same for all skis, whether they are skin skis, skate skis, classic skis and touring/backcountry skis: Clean, glide wax and store. 


Step one: Cleaning
For all skis: Clean all glide zones and kick/grip zones (for traditional classic skis) using a ski-specific glide wax/base cleaner. Wipe off excess product and let dry.

For skin skis: clean the skins using a skin-ski specific skin cleaner. A regular base cleaner may contain solvents that are too harsh and could harm the glue that attaches the skins to the bases.

For waxable classic/touring/backcountry skis: also clean the sidewalls, tops and bindings with base cleaner to remove any kick wax/klister that may have collected there. This will prevent a sticky mess as Kick wax remains in a warm environment has a tendency to run and trap lint and dust on your skis, as well as drip onto other surfaces and create a sticky mess.

Step two: Glide waxing
For all skis: Wipe your clean bases with a lent-free shop towel, such as Fiberlene. Then drip on and heat in a layer of medium-warm glide wax, such as Swix PS7 or PS8, or equivalent. Then store your skis (preferably horizontally) in a dry place until the snow flies again.

For skin skis, waxable classic/touring/backcountry skis: Cover the skins/waxable kick zones with a broad ski shop/ masking tape before applying glide wax to avoid accidentally dripping glide wax on the skins/waxable kick zones.

Tip: If the bases were extremely dirty before cleaning, scrape off the layer of wax, brush and polish. Then let the skis cool. Scraping the glide wax while still hot will remove dirt and grit trapped in the structure of the ski even after cleaning with base cleaner (step one above). Once the bases have cooled off after the hot cleaning, drip on a layer of glide wax as above and store your skis.

Step three: Storing your skis
For all skis: Look for a space that won’t get too hot. Keep in mind that the temperature right below a non-insulated metal roof that bakes in the sun can get extremely high!

Tip: Make sure to store your waxes and supplies in a cool, place. Open containers of kick waxes and klisters in particular have a tendency to ooze out of their containers, drip onto everything in the proximity and create a sticky mess if left in a place that gets hot. If you have the option, wrap and box up your klisters and kick waxes and store them in a fridge or freezer over the summer.

Bonus: Take stock
This is a great time to take stock of your equipment and wax/ tool kit.

Check for broken or worn parts that need to be replaced or repaired, such as bindings, pole tips and baskets, as well as grooming tools such as scrapers and brushes.

Also make a note of items you’re out of or running low on, such as various waxes, cleaners and shop supplies.

That’s all! Go enjoy summer!