Madshus Redline 3.0 Classic Cold 2022


"The two new classic offerings fill the same needs as our previous models, but the way they do this is totally new. Our Cold ski is still designed for hardwax conditions and still has longer pressure zones optimized for colder snow while our Warm ski is still designed for klister conditions and still has shorter pressure zones optimized for warmer snow. However, unlike in previous years where camber has been used to alter the "effective stiffness" of our skis, we have now taken an approach of altering the material laminates as well to better express the ski qualities and improve performance. Just as important as changing this approach to ski construction we’ve also changed our approach to camber design to better serve the needs of the racing world. Double poling is a critical aspect of modern skiing, and the Redline 3.0 classic skis reflect this. A successful racing ski will provide near-frictionless glide in double pole, and bomber kick during striding. We’ve sought to achieve this by focusing on the dynamic properties of the ski, looking at the ski response through the whole loading phase rom below half of skier-weight all the way up to over full skier-weight.

Our Empower system provides this data and allows you to not only view the camber height at half weight and full weight, but everything in between as well! This is critical because knowing, and controlling, how the ski deforms over that whole range of loads provides meaningful information about whether the ski collapses too quickly and will drag or too slowly and will be difficult to get kick.



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