Madshus Redline Zero Skis 2024

A lightweight, world-class specialty classic racing ski for tough waxing conditions. A rubber and polyethylene base in the grip zone provides the best balance of grip and glide in glazed tracks near 0⁰C.


The Redline Zero is a world-class specialty classic ski for racing in tricky waxing conditions around zero degrees Celsius. The headline feature of this ski is a base material insert placed in the grip zone of the ski made from a blend of rubber and polyethylene. When roughened with sandpaper this inserted base material creates lots of tiny hairs, which is why zero skis are often referred to as “hairies”. In ski conditions around the freezing point, especially with high humidity and glazy tracks, it is often difficult for hardwax to provide enough grip, and yet klister tends to ice being both slow and without consistent grip. Zero skis are the perfect remedy to these tricky conditions as they provide better grip than hardwax and better glide than klister. Not every race will be around the freezing point, but when the conditions are right then nothing can compete with zero skis for performance. The Redline Zero ski performs at its best in high humidity and glazed tracks around zero degrees Celsius, but the use range can be expanded by using finer or coarser sandpaper to tailor the grip zone to match the conditions. As with all our other Redline classic skis, the Redline Zero has a camber which has been designed to optimize performance in specific skiing conditions. The result is near-frictionless glide while double poling, and fantastic grip when striding. Our focus on developing dynamic cambers means that the grip zone compresses symmetrically from both the front and the back of the pocket, maximizing the total grip force that can be generated and resulting in better grip the harder you kick!



Ski Length





900g/187cm (pair)


REDLINE ,Classic ,

Grip System

No Wax ,

Ski Core

PR100X ,

Ski Base

P300 Nano ,Rubber Insert ,

Ski - Binding Plate

Move™ 3.0 ,

Ski Camber

Classic Cold ,

Ski Empower


Ski Characteristics:


Stability Control


Double Pole

Dynamic Response + Energy Return
Seriously Fast

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