• Taking a few minutes from time to time will ensure great glide and amazing skiing experiences all winter long. It's as easy as three simple steps.
  • Start with clean bases (hot scrape if you need to get lots of dirt out of your bases: apply a layer of soft wax and scrape it off while it's still molten. This lifts dirt and debris out of the porous base. Then let cool and brush out.)
  • Iron in a good layer of soft wax. Let cool and reheat the wax. Repeat a couple of times, then scrape and brush. Use a mix brush or a bronze brush, 10-15 strokes in the direction of travel.
  • Apply the wax of the day, iron in and let cool. Scrape, brush and go ski! Remember to apply a layer of wax after you're done. Then your bases never dry out! The next time you ski, just scrape before you go.
  • Happy trails!