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Madshus Skis Shine in 2024 Gear Reviews

November 14, 2023

Madshus Skis are Test Winners Again! The new Madshus Endurace Skin and Skate skis were rated the best skis in several comprehensive tests comparing skis from all major manufacturers for the 2023/24 season. 

At Madshus, we believe that we have the perfect ski for every skier, regardless of level, terrain or conditions. The great thing is that we are not the only ones who think this: time and time again, Madshus skis are rated “best in test,” both in Scandinavia and beyond. 

This year, Madshus was awarded top honors for several models, ranging from touring to World Cup racing. Among them are our classic Endurace Skin ski and our Endurace Skate ski. 

Key verdicts from the overall ratings include statement such as “a lot of skis for the money,” “faster than most,” and “nice balance of good glide and maneuverability.” 

Entry to Intermediate Level Skis
In the entry to intermediate level class, the Madshus Endurace series, which sits two levels below the world-class Redline series, was rated by Norway’s oldest and biggest cross-country ski website Langrenn.com as a test winner.

The Endurace Skin was the only model in the lineup to earn an overall top score of 6, as well as the top score of 6 on two of the three main criteria rated. The Endurace Skin earned top score for grip and maneuvering.

“The grip is excellent, and the glide is outstanding. The Endurace Skin is easy to ski both in and out of the track. This is a ski you could race on.” the testers conclude.

The Full Verdict from the Ski Testers:
“The Madshus Endurace skin ski is the best skin ski Langrenn.com tested this time. The testers say that the first impression is very good, and this is a very comfortable ski. It feels safe, and the stability is good. The grip is excellent, and the glide is also very good. The ski is easy to handle, both on and off the classic track. This is a ski you could race on. They could use a better ski base with a carbon mix to make this ski even better. Then, the ski would be lighter, but it would come at the expense of the price. In summary, there is a lot of ski for the money here.”

Madshus Endurace Skin ski rating (1 to 6)
Grip: 6
Glide: 5
Maneuvering: 6
Overall impression: 6

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Other skis tested: Salomon S/Max eSkin, Atomic Redster C2, Rossignol Delta Sport R-Skin, Fischer TwinSki Pro, Kästle XP20 and Peltonen SkinPro


In addition, last winter, the Madshus Endurace Skin ski was rated “best in test” by Dagbladet/Din Side in a similar review of skin skis. Their testers concluded that “these are skis I want to ski on all day long.” 

Also, the Madshus Endurace Skate is one of four skis rated as, “The best Cross-Country Skis of 2024” in the expansive, annual winter gear guide by Outside Magazine. The gear testers reviewed 26 pair of skis intended for entry level and intermediate skiers in a wide range of conditions varying from blistering cold to slushy spring snow. 

This is what the testers concluded: “The beauty of the Endurace Skate, which is two steps below Madshus’ top of the line World Cup Redline skate ski but still “race-inspired,” is that a few design tweaks allow it to occupy that liminal space between an elite-level race ski and a more stable, forgiving endurance ski (as the name suggests). The Endurace is all about balance. Its moderate sidecut makes it feel solid under foot while still being maneuverable at all speeds. And its proprietary foam core has an excellent strength to weight ratio, making it responsive but not so jittery that you feel a crash is imminent around every corner. Madshus also dialed back the camber to reduce the Endurace’s aggressiveness while still keeping it lively.”

The overall verdict was as follows: “It’s faster than most endurance-level skis, yet still fun and stable.”

Check out the all-new Madshus Endurace Skate Ski

Finally, last year, the annual Winter Gear Guide from Outside Magazine announced the Madshus Redline Classic Skinas the test winner for intermediate to elite skiers. 

Check out the story behind the research and development of Madshus Redline, the pinnacle of racing equipment and the engineering of seriously fast skis: This is Department 19.